Who we are?
Young People Care Network ( YOUPCAN) was established in 2015 by Members who were once vulnerable and victims of HIV/AIDS Pandemic to create a place with activities and support services that focus on the needs of the most vulnerable populations, particularly girls and women, because their gain translate into benefits for families and communities. Today, we are one of the grass root Organizations in the region, serving more than 200 older adults and children through motivation, training, and assisting them to improve the quality of life on HIV/AIDS, Human and civil rights, Education, Health and psychosocial development, Food security and Environment conservation, and income generating activities. The organization is governed by active members, volunteers and board of directors who are committed to meet standards of quality and accountability when responding to community Challenges, and have communities in planning, implementing and evaluating projects through monitoring and evaluation strategies and practices, which are at the very root of our organizational culture to assess impact and provide continuous programs improvement, accountability and transparency to donors. We hope to engage all the vulnerable people in the community particularly girls and women who are HIV/AIDS Positive, Widows due to HIV/AIDS, Adolescent girls and young women and youths who are at risk of being Infected and to affect others.
To eradicate poverty in the country, through decisive national actions and international cooperation and have vulnerable communities’ literate, well educated, healthy and wealth in a safe environment”.
To motivate, train, and assist youth and vulnerable people to improve the quality of life through integrated sustainable developmental Programmes on HIV/AIDS , Human and civil rights, Education, Health and psychosocial development, food security, environment conservation, and income generating activities (IGAs). YOUPCAN aims at improving the quality of life of young people and youth groups in Uganda
Staff should be focused to provide quality service with minimal supervision sustainability, strengthening partnerships Working together for improved quality of life with all stakeholder
Every staff must take responsibility of all project resources. All stakeholders must be accountable for proper utilization of project resources.
Staff to ensure clarity in all project activities
Code of conduct
All stakeholders must respect and adhere to all work regulation
Provision of quality and outstanding services at all levels.